Medellin, Columbia

    Columbia's second largest city is Medellin and is the capital of Antioquia and the mentioned city has a population of 3 million and one of the major things this Medellin city is remembered for by visitors is its moderate climate that is close to around 24degree Celsius.

    Medellin city gives a scintillating feeling because of its vibrant valley location and is also one of the most designated cities. Medellin city is a combination of sloppy mountains and green forest laden with dense greenery and what makes it even more beautiful is its serenity with high rise buildings and office apartments. This city is prominent for industry and commerce and extensively deals in textiles markets.

     During the existence of 21st century, Medellin city started undergoing massive construction for overall city development and was leading towards liberalized developments strategies and policies which include metro rail projects, development of education and initiatives towards security system which eventually have been of vail. Overseas development institute has regarded the city as one of the economically developed city. This Medellin city is appreciated around the world for its soothing tourist destination. The city is also popular for universities which disseminates educational era with vibrancy and create dazzling scenes in the night when students from all over the country set out to walk on the street and make the ambience worth seeing.

Scenic view and tourist spots:

    There are five library parks which address city's cultural and educational space i.e., Doce De Octubre Library Park, La Ladera Library Park, la Quintana Library Park, Bethlehem library park, san Javier Library Park.

    The Church of the Veracruz is another center of attraction for visitors.

    The city offers you a reason to cherish moments with natural viewpoints and seven hills point and the city is perfect blend of our every day's affairs which include culture, enjoyment, recreation, culture, education and leisure time.

Education hub:

The city provides one of the best institutes to increase educational system. Here are some of the examples of some prominent universities mentioned below.

    Saint Thomas Aquinas University

    CES University

    University of Antioquia

    National University of Colombia

    Remington University Corporation