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Medellin, Colombia is much more than what you see in the series Narcos, and it has become a city that was once a place where tourists would come. With cases of coronavirus soaring across Latin America, it has exceeded expectations and managed to keep the numbers remarkably low. Medell in Colombia developed and developed as it was, into a tourist attraction in its own right, but many cities in Latin America have turned to the Medelin model and have also unintentionally become major tourist attractions.

Speaking of downtown, a free Medellin city tour offered by Real City Tours is one of the best activities for newcomers to Medelin. This free tour is a great way to experience the city from a local perspective, as you can explore it from all angles to understand the history of Medillin from the perspective of its history, culture and people.

If you are looking for something organized and structured, read our article about 3 days in Medellin. If you just want to do the tour, you can read more about the history of Medelin and some of the other tours we recommend here. Although this is a long list, we have also included a top 10 pack - at the end, so it's best to do so on your first full day in Medina. These are some things I did not do in any particular order on my first visit to Medellsin, but they should be done before your arrival.

I hope that this will help you, whether you love living in Colombia or whether you hate a few things about it. Because of my years of traveling and living in Colombia, I am a big fan of planning an amazing trip to Colombia.

Please make sure to read my comprehensive travel guide to Colombia and sign up for more information on how to plan a better trip to Colombia. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or questions about the events in Medellin Colombia, please send me an e-mail.

If so, please plan to find these events in the weekly Medellin Events Calendar, which I will publish in my English (updated with the above article). Please contact me for more information about the events, including links to daily calendar updates and updates for the week's events.

If you are in the city of eternal spring and looking for some fun in Medellin, read on and plan your week in advance! I'm not sure what to do. # I have curated a curated list of the top 10 events that take place in Medellins each week. For those of you who are looking for an idea of what to do, or for those interested in planning, I have made available my curated lists of weekly Medelin events.

Each week I plan to visit some of the best events in Medellin and the Aburra Valley, including music, dance, food, art, music and more, as well as food and drink.

If you prefer to explore Medellin Centro on your own, you should check out our guide, which offers much more, including restaurants, restaurants and restaurants, excursions and much more. If you happen to sponsor events in Medelin or know of an event in the city that is interesting for foreigners, you can also sponsor it if you know or are a Medell in Guru. I # Ve has sent more than 780 Medillin events to the group in the last 29 months, and if I know no one from Medellenin, I recommend you contact the company to get a local Colombian itinerary. You can participate in any of the events, such as music, dance, art, food, music or any other type of event.

It is intended to be an exhibition that will show the history, history and culture of Medellin and provide a great overview for future trips to Colombia.

If you want to visit Colombia, you can plan a trip that includes one of these festivals in your tour. If you want to experience the festival live, make sure you add it to your Colombia tour and boogie with the energetic audience of Estereo Picnic. Speaking of travel plans, if Medellin is too far away from you to enjoy the festivals, here are some excellent options for accommodation. Even if nightlife is not your thing, you should still try it, even if it is not for you.

Don't miss this incredible, totally free event to add to your list of activities in Colombia, add it!

Travellers who are in Medellin for the Flower Festival can also take part in the procession. If you are thinking about a holiday in Bogota, we have a travel planner to help you organize it around this cultural gem. So if you want to visit the country you know and how to get to know it during your holidays, visit some of the best events in this country, known for its cultural heritage and good food.

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More About Medellin