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When people think of Colombia, food usually comes to mind first, and this question is often asked by expats visiting Medellin and other cities in Colombia. Colombian dishes are worth trying, but many people would struggle - pushed to call it a traditional Colombian dish. Every foreigner visiting you in Colombia will tell you that traditional Colombian dishes are generally overcooked, overly sweet, too hot or just plain bad. For one reason or another, Colombia is not usually at the top of the list of internationally renowned cuisines, so what should I try?

As with many Colombian foods, the quality of a good cup can suffer - or miss - a little, so ask the locals where is the best place to have a cup.

Taste Pollo Sudado in this stylish restaurant, which serves typical Colombian dishes in Bogota. The restaurant has a wide selection of stylish restaurants serving typical Colombian dishes, such as the one where I served my first cup of Colombian Medellin food, Pollo Sudadado.

African food in Colombia is like a journey in itself, but it also has a rich and varied gastronomic scene, characterized by large, hearty meals made with fresh ingredients and plenty of meat. The local cuisine of the Antioquia region is characterized by this, and traditional dishes from this region of Colombia are served in very hearty portions. It's about food and where you eat, and that's why I loved the Food Tour in La Mesa.

We started our day in Colombia with a tour of the traditional markets of Medellin, Colombia's second largest city. These traditional Colombian markets are a great place to buy exotic Colombian fruits and products and are located in the heart of the city, just a few blocks from the city center. There are few restaurants in Medillin that take full advantage of the exotic and colorful plants and vegetables from Colombia, but there are also a handful of celiac disease restaurants - safe restaurants on the outskirts of town, in places like La Mesa and elsewhere in Colombia.

If you start to think that Colombian food is badly received and underappreciated in the global food scene, then it's time to go to Zacatecas.

Where to try it: If you want to learn more about Colombia's long and varied history, you should visit the Museo Nacional de Colombia in Bogota. The arepa has also had more modern incarnations and is now served in a variety of forms, such as the arepas served during meals in an upscale market. El Machetico is the best place for an empanada of Colombian origin, but also a great place to eat in the city centre.

If you want to expand your knowledge and experience of South American cuisine, you can taste the culinary delights of the country of Colombia. Colombia is a great place to travel as a gourmet, as you will find new and exciting foods to try everywhere. We've already looked at 9 Colombian street food options that you should try, but if you find and try these items in Colombia, you'll have a much better idea of what to look out for beforehand.

Medellin is the capital of the Antioquia region, where the locals call it Paisas, and is the more hearty side of the haute cuisine of this city. Each region of Colombia serves its own coconut-inspired dishes, such as coconuts, chorizo, guacamole, quesadillas and more.

These dishes are often served as arepas and can be found in many restaurants and shops, especially if they are purchased on the street for $1.00. Arepas are dishes that are served with almost every meal, but if you think about Paisa, the nickname of Medellin's inhabitants, you don't have to eat them three times a day.

In reality, there are thousands of ways to prepare arepas (paisa) in Colombia, but these are the most famous and are prepared in Medellin in many different ways.

Street food is definitely a must on every menu in Colombia and you can eat here on a budget if you stick to Colombian cuisine. Mexican cuisine is full of fried many things, such as chicken, pork, beans, rice, cheese and many other dishes, Colombia is no different. Especially the traditional Colombian cuisine is known to be tasty and relatively heavy. There are not as many chillies used in Colombian cuisine as there are in Mexico, but there is a clear lack of green vegetables.

While the following dishes are found all over Colombia, if I decide to plant in Medellin, I will give you a few specific places in the city where you can find some of my favorite traditional food. Below is a list of recommended places to get some great traditional Colombian dishes and restaurant recommendations for Colombia that will help you eat, sing, dance and eat in the right places in Colombia. Don't miss the best places for traditional Colombian cuisine and food in Bogota, the capital of Colombia.

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