Medellin Colombia Hilton Hotel

Constructora Colpatria today announced plans to open the Hilton Medellin, which will bring the company's flagship brand to Colombia's second largest city. Hilton Worldwide today announced that it will operate its first - and first of its kind - in Colombia. Constructora colpatrias today announced plans to build a new Hilton hotel in the port city of Santa Marta, Colombia, to be operated in the United States and South America as part of Hilton's ongoing expansion in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Hilton Garden Inn Pereira, owned by GR Hoteles SAS, will be the company's first hotel in Pereria to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, known as the Colombian Coffee Cultural Landscape. Located on Avenida de las Palmas, the hotel offers a variety of amenities including a restaurant, bar, fitness centre, spa and fitness centre, as well as access to the city's cultural heritage.

And as if that wasn't enough, Casa San Agustin also features a jade-lined plunge pool reminiscent of the hotel's communal pool. Hilton Garden Inn Medellin Hotel and Spa, the first of its kind, gives you the feeling of having conquered Cartagena.

Guests at Hilton Santa Marta can also enjoy leisure facilities such as a private pool, spa, fitness, fitness and wellness area. Guests of the HiltonSanta Marte will also enjoy a personal pool with a jade-lined plunge pool and a variety of leisure facilities, including an outdoor terrace, pool house, pool deck and pool bar. Guests staying at the SantaMarta, a Hilton Santo Domingo Medellin Hotel and Spa, will enjoy not only the luxurious amenities of the hotel, but also some of the best leisure facilities in town, including a spa and fitness center, as well as leisure facilities including an indoor and outdoor balcony, pools, fitness facilities and pools.

For more information or reservations, visit the Hampton Hilton Medellin or call 57 - 4 - 604 - 3000. If you are traveling with your family, check out our list of activities in Cartagena with children. After the great success of Hilton Bogota, we are excited to take Santa Marta to a new level of excellence in the world's most popular holiday destination, "said Juan Manuel Garcia, President and CEO of Hilton Hotels & Resorts Colombia. I couldn't be more excited to work with the team at Fideicomiso and Santa Marte Hotel to drive this expansion and showcase the hotel and its brand in the resort and hotel area, "said Hilton Santo Domingo Medillin Hotel and Spa Executive Vice President, Hotel Management.

As Hilton's flagship brand, Hilton Hotels & Resorts continues to set the standard for hospitality by offering new products, innovations and services to meet the changing needs of guests. With 570 hotels on six continents, we offer every guest who walks through our doors a basis for unforgettable travel experiences and added value. Hilton is committed to fulfilling our mission of being the most hospitable company in the world by providing exceptional experiences at every hotel and at every time.

Dine Brands International continues to focus on markets such as Central America, Colombia and Chile, and is opening the Medellin Colombia Hilton Hotels & Resorts, the first of its kind in Colombia.

The company currently has more than 60 projects in the region, including 10 in Colombia, and is actively pursuing further Latin American growth opportunities. Hilton opened its first Medellin Colombia Hilton Hotels & Resorts hotel in Bogota, Colombia in 2016, with seven projects under development or under development across Colombia. The company currently operates nearly 90% of its hotels in this region, including 11 in Central America, 12 in Latin America and Chile and seven in South America. It has actively pursued additional Latin American growth opportunities, pursuing seven projects in Venezuela, two in Honduras, one in Guatemala and three in El Salvador, and is actively pursuing additional growth opportunities. Currently, the company has almost 80% in Central and South Latin America, including 10 in Chile, six in Mexico and one each in Peru, Honduras and Colombia. Currently, nearly 100% or more of the country's hotels and resorts are in project development and development planning, including 7 in Brazil, 4 in Argentina, and 2 each on the US West Coast and the Caribbean.

Hilton Worldwide currently has nearly 140 hotels and resorts that welcome travelers from the Caribbean and Latin America, including 13 additional hotels in Colombia. Hilton opened five hotels under three brands in Cartagena, Colombia in 2016, including the first Medellin Colombia Hilton Hotels & Resorts hotel in Bogota. Hilton also plans to open more than 90 hotels or resorts that welcome travelers to Latin America, including 18 hotels in Colombia. Hilton Worldwide currently has 64 hotels / resorts in the region that welcome travelers from Latin America, Central and South America and Chile, plus seven hotels throughout Colombia and two hotels in Honduras, one each in Guatemala and El Salvador and one each in Peru, Honduras and Mexico. Currently, 13 countries have development or development projects, of which almost 70% or more are hotels, resorts and hotels in the country's development and development planning, as well as 13 projects in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Peru and 13 in Venezuela.

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