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Medellin has become a musical phenomenon in the music industry, and its existing city is flourishing as a global attraction with a vibrant music scene. The diverse and innovative city that rises on the peaks of the Andes Mountains has been transformed into a city that was famous in Escobar's time, but has since become a cosmopolitan city - a place of top music with an existing, vibrant and diverse musical community. Colombian reggaeton is "Desde Colombia para el mundo," but time will tell whether it will continue to grow. Here are seven amazing musicians you need to know about Medelin, from the most talented reggae artists in the world. In the words of J. Balvin: "Be what we were famous for before the days of Escobe.

Medellin, a city of more than 3 million inhabitants, with a population of over 1.5 million and a reputation as one of the most dynamic and dynamic cities in the world.

Many street performers are located in Plaza Chorro de Quevedo, and there are many nightclubs that play a variety of music genres, including hip-hop, reggae, rock, pop, jazz, funk, soul and more. There is also live music on the streets of Medellin and some of the city's most popular bars and restaurants.

Performers who took to the stage in 2018 included El Chorro de Quevedo, El Pueblo de Medellin and many other local bands.

Cumbia has spread to Argentina, Mexico and Peru, where it has moved away from its original sound and mixed with other genres such as hip-hop and dancehall. Explosion Negra has made a name for itself in the Colombian salsa music scene, is one of the most popular salsa bands in the country and has made a name for itself by effortlessly combining hip hop, dancehalls, etc. They performed with the aforementioned Joe Arroyo for several years and their collaboration produced some of the most memorable salsa songs Colombia has to offer. Another famous duet from Colombia is "El Pueblo de Medellin" by El Chorro de Quevedo and El Bandera.

Since the beginning of this year, Colombian reggaeton songs on Spotify have become the number one most popular music genre in the US. This factor has played an important role in reggae and other infectious Latin rhythms that are penetrating pop music, as it has broken records and entered mainstream music around the world. Colombian reggaeton artists were well represented on the Billboard Hot 100, which featured three Colombians: Balvin, Maluma and Shakira.

Colombian reggaeton artists such as Balvin, Maluma and Shakira are also well known within the genre and often act as a kind of "home-made" music for listeners around the world.

Such programs offer the opportunity to learn salsa in a safe environment and with the support of a local community of musicians and musicians.

For those who love the heavy genre of music, Bogota has the appropriate name Rock al Parque. This free festival allows locals and travelers alike to enjoy a variety of bands from across the country, as well as some of Colombia's most popular bands.

As a foreigner, this is often one of the most popular genres of music I have heard in Colombia. Like Cumbia, Vallenato is a traditional folk genre in Colombia, and the music is drunk by older generations.

People listen to reggaeton on the radio, but it's not part of popular culture, like cumbia. Reggaeton originated in Colombia and had an enormous cultural attraction for many people. The Land of a Thousand Rhythms covers a wide variety of genres, including reggae, hip-hop, rap and even pop music, as well as a number of other genres.

Colombia may call itself pais sagrado or corazon, but it best sums up the classic cumbia that Narcos fans will hear in the credits of episode nine. Colombia uses Christmas as an almighty rumba, lasting several days, while classic "Cumbias" will be heard by narco fans in the credits of episode nine.

Cumbia has spread throughout Latin America and the world, and its music and dance have become the flagship of the Colombian musical genre. Colombian artists and musical genres have caught fire, from folk to folk, but today you can find inventive new remixes. Quantic in particular has achieved great success in fusing Colombian cumbias with electronic music. Consider the rhythmic cadences and melodies that recall mulatto and indigenous flavors, as well as the use of electronic instruments such as synthesizers, keyboards and drums.

The above mentioned musical genres of Colombia hold the attention of the locals more than any other, but they should give you a good idea of what to expect. Instead of learning about Colombia through Narcos episodes, let James tell you about another side of Colombian history.

Colombia is by no means a homogeneous country, but the music played here is exclusively Latin American and consists of melodies and Colombian singalongs accompanied by a healthy portion of aguardiente, or local spirit. The song below is a traditional cumbia called "La tierra querida," or "The Tierra del Fuego of the Quetzalcoatl," which can be considered Colombia's second national anthem. When you travel to a place like Bogota, you can hear it in the background, along with other songs like "Col Colombia," composed by Bermudez, and the popular song "El Pueblo" of the Cumbias de Colombia.

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