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Medellin, Colombia is much more than what we saw in the series Narcos, it has developed into a city that was once a place where tourists came for the beauty of the city and its beautiful landscape. Today Medell is the second largest city in Colombia and is fast becoming a popular tourist destination for many foreigners who have discovered that the city of eternal spring is one of the best in Colombia - secrets that are kept and a great destination for real estate.

Since 2008, founded in 2012 by Casacol, Medellin has grown from a meeting place for backpackers to a thriving city - a city of the highest quality, where you can invest, starting with the meeting place for backpackers, and investing in the development of its real estate market. Price increases in this city have been driven largely by the growing middle class of Colombian expats living abroad and investing in Colombia. Foreign buyers, mainly from Europe and the United States, are attracted by the city's high quality of life, beautiful scenery and proximity to major cities such as Bogota and Cartagena.

He added: "Owning foreign property grants you privacy from tax authorities. Colombian real estate is really a great opportunity to diversify internationally with a single purchase, and you can buy Medellin real estate at a much lower price than in other parts of the world. Far International operates Apartment International, which offers a wide range of properties to suit every taste and budget. FAR Internationalbe is a full service real estate and investment company that buys and sells real estate in Colombia and provides expertise tailored to foreign investors.

Condominiums and homes in Medellin are one of the most affordable options for foreign investors in the country. Save on hotel costs and stay in a comfortable apartment while you do your real estate transactions.

Buying property in Colombia is also a good way to get a home, or even a second passport, at some point.

If you are interested in buying property in Colombia and would like more information about the process, please contact Biz Latin Hub. If you have a property in Medellin, Colombia, for sale or rent, we have listed it on our website and you can find it on www. The MLS is currently under construction to install a database, but in the meantime you should try out the offers of Medillin Real Estate MLS on their website. We would like to offer you the opportunity to sell and rent properties in Cartagena Colombia.

Please contact our Medellin Real Estate Agency for more information about properties in Cartagena, Colombia, or for other properties in the region.

When you buy property in Colombia, it is important to understand exactly what services a lawyer should provide when closing the property. Some Colombians (at least Paisas) use lawyers to arrange real estate in Medellin, rather than burdening the real estate agent with the administrative burden of doing all the work and notaries. We strongly recommend that you discuss all the information you receive with your lawyer before signing the contract to purchase property in Colombia.

Therefore, it is crucial that you retain an experienced lawyer who knows how to rent, buy and sell real estate in Colombia and explain how these differences can affect you. Premier Casa has a team of real estate buyers and agents in Cartagena who can help you find the best property for your needs. The best real estate agents in Medellin who are interested in a long-term relationship with you will help you with all of these tasks and we will help you with your work.

In the US real estate market, it is possible to find several agents who will try to sell you the same property in Medellin. Properties in Colombia are for sale as more open, conscious people snap them up.

Buying property in Colombia may qualify you for a Colombian residence visa under certain circumstances. If your purchase is qualified for the Colombian residence visa, you may be able to become a real estate investor in Colombia.

Colombia's Medellin real estate is not known for high liquidity as in developed countries, but managed property is much more liquid when it comes to selling. There are a large number of licensed real estate agents and agencies in the United States with licenses in Medillin, Colombia.

After reading these essential facts, it is therefore ideal to do more research on the Medellin real estate market. When you buy a commercial property or residential property from an estate agent, it is always worth asking the truth. Before you buy a property or make a deal in Medillin, you need to understand every aspect of the truth in the real estate market to protect yourself from losing your valuable investment.

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More About Medellin