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If Colombia's capital, Bogota, is not already a destination for the world's best coffee (and we will be), then the high-altitude city is full of remarkable restaurants that have transformed the image of Colombian cuisine. There are a few casual restaurants in Medellin that take full advantage of the exotic and colorful plants and vegetables from Colombia. As far as coffee is concerned, this place tops our list of the best restaurants in Poblado Medillin, and for good reason.

Located in the heart of Medellin, this is a great place to have lunch or a sweet snack in the afternoon. You have everything from deep-fried treats in the morning to a wide selection of salads, sandwiches and pasta.

If you are looking for a rooftop restaurant in Medellin, this place may be a good option for you. If you want to celebrate a special occasion or just enjoy a first-class meal in Medellins, head to El Cielo. You can even drive to the old warehouse El Poblado, where you will find a great atmosphere and some of the best restaurants in Medellin. In spring, it gets even better, because Medelin is called the city of eternal spring and eating on the outdoor terraces is a frequent place.

El Viejo John has many traditional Colombian dishes on the menu, including fried fish, chicken, pork, beef, lamb, turkey and many more. You can enjoy a first-class meal at the restaurant, which was founded by two Colombians, the Cordon Bleu chef and the chef - the restaurant owner Juan Carlos and his wife, who then moved to Medellin to open this restaurant. This restaurant offers a great atmosphere, serving a variety of traditional Colombian dishes as well as some of the best wines.

This fusion restaurant in Medellin also serves fantastic ceviche, but La Causa is the best (see below). Then it is a must to experience Medelin to the fullest when dining in one of the many restaurants in the city, such as El Viejo John, El Cebreros and El Viento.

If you are a picky eater and want to find the best restaurant in Poblado Medellin that suits your taste, you should first call D'Andre Gourmet. This may be the place you can take your friends to if they want to spend a lively evening. If you want to visit Herbario, this fine restaurant in the heart of the city offers excellent food and service. Whether you consider yourself a gourmet or just enjoy several restaurants while traveling, Medelin is home to some of Colombia's best restaurants, such as La Causa, El Cebreros and El Viento.

Over the past eight years, I have tried over 40 Colombian restaurants, and many of them have made my Colombian wife and myself beg.

In the eight years I have lived in the city, I have eaten in over 40 restaurants in Medellin, the capital of Colombia. Some of these restaurants have a star on the New York Times bestseller list and even on CNN.

If you are looking for quality food at a good price, you can find it in Medellin, no matter where you go. In any Medelin's restaurant you can eat for less than $10, but many are much cheaper and none of them will break the bank. Mondongos is the right place if you want to have good service anywhere in the country.

Medellin is located in the Antioquia region, where the locals call paisas, and this is the more hearty side of the city's haute cuisine. Colombian empanadas are deep-fried, crispy and typically stuffed with meat (chicken, cheese, etc.) found throughout Latin America. El Machetico is a good place for them, but El Poblado is the place where you can try everything. The lush and upscale El Boca with its lush, upscale food is one of my favorite places in Medellin, if not the best.

After the opening of its first location in 1991, the Hacienda expanded to six restaurants in Medellin. They have incredibly creative and extremely affordable meals, making them one of the best restaurants for Medelin! If you are looking for a good restaurant in Poblado or Medillin where you can get something very light, you have limited options. And if you know any very good Colombian restaurants that you think belong on this list of the best Colombian restaurants, please leave a comment below!

Visit Medellin and explore the whole Colombia series and discover the country, eat and drink it, see it and eat it yourself! For more information on how to spend an unforgettable stay in Colombia, visit the official website of the National Tourism Authority of Colombia (ANCA).

You can click on one of the best Colombian restaurants to find restaurant reviews. Although Medellin is a casual city when it comes to food, you can take it easy, as Hato Viejo is the most casual restaurant on this list.

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