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Medellin, Colombia is one of the most visited cities in the country and for good reason there is a lot to do in Medellin. There are many places you should not miss to visit the most popular city in the world with a huge number of interesting and fun things to do. I don't think there's a place to miss on your first visit to Colombia's second largest city, and that's it.

To prepare for your family trip to Medellin, read our article about traveling to Colombia with children. This small town is one of the best places in Colombia and the perfect destination for a day trip to Medellin if you want to see the beautiful scenery, history and fantastic gastronomic opportunities of the city. Guatape is a perfect place for day trips to the city and you can visit it even if it is only a short time, but I strongly advise you not to miss it during your stay in Medellins. It is also a good place to take a long-term trip with family and friends, as well as a short trip for friends and family.

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If you visit Medellin, a free walk through the city centre of Medelin is a great base, as it offers tours for all travellers. Even better, these walks are free of charge and are conducted in the heart of the city to give you an insight into the history, culture and culture of this beautiful city and its people.

Colombia is amazing in many ways, and if you go to the city of Medellin, you will understand why. This alone will give you respect for Medellin and Colombia, which you will carry with you throughout your visit to this country.

It is not difficult to understand why exploring El Poblado is one of the best activities in Medellin. If you are interested in Latin American art, this visit is a great introduction to the art world in Colombia and also a good thing to visit Medellin.

If you are looking for something organized and structured, read our article about 3 days in Medellin. If you need help to integrate all the activities of Medelin into your visit, you can read our guide to Medellenin, which should help you. These things you can do in Medellin are in no particular order, but no matter which of them you choose, you will certainly have a lot of fun. Although this is a long list, we also included a top 10 wrap - at the end.

You may have noticed that our list of top activities in Medellin does not contain anything that glorifies Pablo Escobar. There are loads of PabloEscobar tours in Medellins, but only the Paisa Road Tour takes you to the home of Roberto Escobes.

The Pablo Escobar Tour is one of the best things to do in Medellin when you travel to Medillin, and probably the reason you know about it. If you visit this, then this game is probably not for you, but if it is, then Gogo for the hike that is listed in our list of the "best things to do in Medellins" in the world.

If you are an art lover, this museum is one of the best ways to do things in Medellin, especially if you like art. Speaking of the city centre: The free Medillin city tour in English by Real City Tours Is it the best thing you can do for newcomers to Medelin? If you have ever been to a backpacker hostel in Medellins, you will have heard of the city tour of Medellin.

Although bandejas can be found in all areas of Colombia, one of the best ways to experience them is to experience them yourself. Even if you are not in Medellin, part of the visit to Medelin is to see and experience the nearby peoples and cities. These areas make it a top place to visit and one of the best places to do something in Medellín.

If you are looking for activities in Medellin, you should remember that most of the sights can be visited in just a few days. Check out our Colombia travel guide for Broke Backpackers to learn more details about the cost of things in Medellin. For more information about free activities in Colombia, please visit our website under "Free Activities." Some of these may be just what you want if you are travelling on a tight budget.

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More About Medellin